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  5. "تِلْفازها مُعَطَّل."

"تِلْفازها مُعَطَّل."

Translation:Her television is out of order.

July 24, 2019



What's the difference between مُعَطَّل and مكسور?


معطل derives from عطل which means a malfunction

مكسور derives from كسر which is a physical rupture or fault

so معطل means ‘is malfunctioning’

مكسور means ‘is broken’


Malfunctioning would be a much more accurate translation. Out of order in English could mean broken into pieces, malfunctioning, or even in a public setting, stolen last week and functioning fine somewhere else.


Exactly. duolingo dosent have much good words of translation


There alot of mistakes in this application and they don't correct it even we tell them.


They do sometimes correct them...it is a new beta app so i think they will fix most of the mistakes eventually (id imagine at tge moment they dont have many people working on it!) ... We just have to let them know all the issues we find!


Maybe things aren't always best translated word-for-word.

Instead, مكسور describes things which have been actively broken (maybe you ripped a book in anger or accidentally dropped a plate). Whereas, معطل describes things which have essentially been broken through time (like a phone screen that starts to flicker or an elevator that no longer works).

So, it is not simply the case that one refers to machines and the other refers to things other than machines. As an example, if the phone was dropped, it would be مكسور.

Note مكسور can also mean defeated, and معطل can also mean idle (like an unemployed person, an office that isn't being used, an engine that has stopped etc).


Andrew, I see such gentle politeness on this forum! I think it's truer to say things are usually best translated NOT word for word. Languages rarely match each other in this way. In addition, thank you, that was very informative.


But does معطل have the same connotation as the English 'out or order', which is generally used for publicly 'accessible' items (a lift, the AC of an office etc.)?




I think sukuun is totally fine, especially because the 2i3araab are not really observed in daily speech.

What's frustrating is that Duolingo inconsistently observes case endings or simply ends with sukuun.


Can't we use TV in place of Television


Yes we can. I did, and it was accepted.


since there's ال ,ها is not need?


Yes, that's right. The article is not needed.


I think faulty would fit well here...let duo know.


Out of order is not the direct meaning maksuur is broken and maadal is malfunction


Can somebody explain the difference between broken and out of order ?


Broken to me covers many different scenarios...it could be anything that isnt working or that is smashed .....a phone that has been dropped (screen smashed, wont turn on) or house wiring that has been cut and now the light wont come on.
Out of order is usually written on a sign that tell us the public (or employees in a company) that we cant use it (because it's broken)...you see it on the photo copier or toilets etc.

Out of order also means behaving badly!

In this duo example (most of us are thinking of our own TVs) we would say the TV is broken.

You could say out of order but thats a less common situation say in a hospital where there's a communal TV, then we would say out of order.


in syria ma3Tal was best translated as 'doesn't work'


Sounds like the TV has been misbehaving! Hee jee!


I did this correctly

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