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"She tries watching television."

Translation:Ella intenta ver televisión.

April 17, 2013



Ella trata de ver telvisión was another option which may be a better choice. I went in search of why trata de needed 'de' which seems to be a large part of this module. I guess it's a process of memorizing these verbs (verb + de + infinitive). Do they have a label?


I had the same question. Why does tratar require the "de" where intentar does not?


I like that first link you provided, it's really helpful. I've bookmarked it. Thanks!


ella trata de ver television was what i wrote and it said i was wrong.....strange


I think your version may be translated as "she tries to watching television" and it may need to be "ella trata de ver la televisión" she tries to watch television". I admit I'm not sure if this is right or why. Infinitives before object may require the article.


'prueba' is also 'tries' or is it used differently?


Used more for "to taste" meaning of try


What's wrong with 'Ella intenta ver la televisión'. Is there a rule for articulos after infinitivo?


Your answer is correct. Report it. The given answer is just gibberish.


How about "Ella intenta viendo television."?


Why is "observar" incorrect here?


To observe is a bit more drastic than to watch, if you ask me.


I would agree. Even in English it is a level of attention above just viewing.

Observe Notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant. Watch (someone or something) carefully and attentively.


I think the English should be "She tries to watch television." (not watching) if you want to see if the person knows conjugated verbs are followed by infinitives but if the sentence means, "She tries (while) watching the television."then that is a different meaning... and "Ella intenta mirando la television." What she is trying to do is unknown but she does so while watching the tv.

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