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  5. "عِنْد سيث تَنّورة."

"عِنْد سيث تَنّورة."

Translation:Seth has a skirt.

July 24, 2019



I went into the comments to find out why seth would have a skirt but I see we have all become immune to the weirdness of duo.


Nothing weird about that. He's carrying it home in a bag after buying it for his little daughter.


You have tried a lot of languages elcka2. What have you discovered?


I agree... I assumed Seth was male...so had difficulty translating


But maybe Seth is Scottish?!?


Aside from the fact that a man can wear a skirt if he wants to, my understanding is that in Arabic "tannura" is a unisex clothing item, more like the lower half of a robe or tunic than a woman's skirt.

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Not really. تنورة is mainly used for a female's skirt.
Unless you are talking about a kilt, then yeah it might be used in that context as well, but not for any traditional Arabic garment specified for men.


Is it just me hearing 'tannimuura' for تَنّورة ? My first attempt to read the word suggested 'tannuura' - is there something I missed?

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Well, for me, the audio goes like (tan-na-núratan). Anyway, the whole audio thing here is wrong really. It should be Tannúrah.


I would rather pronounce it: tan-nuu-ratan


I am getting something like "tanninuura", as well. Is it something to do with the shadda?

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No. It's a mistake in the audio. The audio for this course is created by a speech machine (or TTS) which is not quite suitable for Arabic. The correct spelling for it is: tan-núrah.


Funny: we had 'Judy has a wife' and now 'Seth has a skirt' (possibly a Scot?)


Or maybe Duo is just reflecting the fact that the world is changing :)


Perhaps it's a kilt?


For the first word, I am hearing the audio as "ein-da" instead of "eind". Is there a grammatical reason for this or is it an electronic mistake?

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Actually the correct form is "3inda" (with short A vowel at the end). If it was "3ind" in other audios then these audios are, nor-surprisingly, wrong.


This should be: "Seth 3inda tannura."

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If you mention the possessor first (Seth) then you have to add a possessive suffix on (3ind) to refer back to (Seth), and it becomes (3indahu) - for a female that would be (3indaha). Otherwise, you can put the article first (3ind) and then the possessor (Seth) to make it simple. The article (3ind) means (at), and there is another article but I don't see it used here in Duolingo, probably for simplicity.

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