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  5. "عِنْد سيث تَنّورة."

"عِنْد سيث تَنّورة."

Translation:Seth has a skirt.

July 24, 2019



I went into the comments to find out why seth would have a skirt but I see we have all become immune to the weirdness of duo.

September 9, 2019


I agree... I assumed Seth was male...so had difficulty translating

September 10, 2019


But maybe Seth is Scottish?!?

September 15, 2019


Is it just me hearing 'tannimuura' for تَنّورة ? My first attempt to read the word suggested 'tannuura' - is there something I missed?

July 24, 2019


Well, for me, the audio goes like (tan-na-núratan). Anyway, the whole audio thing here is wrong really. It should be Tannúrah.

July 24, 2019


I would rather pronounce it: tan-nuu-ratan

August 11, 2019


I am getting something like "tanninuura", as well. Is it something to do with the shadda?

October 6, 2019


No. It's a mistake in the audio. The audio for this course is created by a speech machine (or TTS) which is not quite suitable for Arabic. The correct spelling for it is: tan-núrah.

October 6, 2019


For the first word, I am hearing the audio as "ein-da" instead of "eind". Is there a grammatical reason for this or is it an electronic mistake?

August 22, 2019


Actually the correct form is "3inda" (with short A vowel at the end). If it was "3ind" in other audios then these audios are, nor-surprisingly, wrong.

August 22, 2019


Funny: we had 'Judy has a wife' and now 'Seth has a skirt' (possibly a Scot?)

September 25, 2019
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