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Duolingo didn't remind me

I have set my setting to recieve an email if I've not logged onto Duolingo by 11pm and Duolingo did not send me a reminder. I was using it to help me with my streak but now it's broken again (first time was my fault). Is the email error mine or Duolingos?

June 11, 2014



Well, you are responsible for your own life and also your own streak. DL can offer some tools but do not rely on them totally because things can go wrong.


I understand that I am responsible but I am a student and learning on Duolingo is not my top priority. I can make time for learning my lanuage but as my work is due in now as it's the end of the year that's all I've been focused on. That was one of my favourite features of this website is that you can get email reminders which I why I enabled that feature. Back on to the subject though, this question was not for me to talk about my current situation but rather about the feature and that it didn't work. Whether this is something Duolingo need to look into or whether it's a problem with my email address.

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