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  5. "I like cats."

"I like cats."

Translation:Saya suka kucing.

July 24, 2019



Why kucing kucing is wrong ?! Is it cats ?!


No reduplication needed when talking about the noun in general.


The replication is optional.

Saya suka kucing, with no context, mean that you talk about cats in general, as it's the obvious way to understand it.
So, indicating the plural is not needed here, (and would seem unnatural), it's a generality.

But in some context, it can also mean "I like the cat", if you talk about a precise cat, in a story for instance.


There are tons of synonyms for "suka". I suggested they add "Saya pecinta kucing". and "Saya mencintai kucing". It's not accepted yet.
They only accept "Saya menyukai kucing".

Do you know if there are difference meaning, even subtle, between all those synonyms? Maybe "pecinta" and "mencintai" mean more "love" than "like"? Could a native tell me if it's theorical, or if there is a real difference between "pecinta", etc..?


'cinta' is more intense than 'suka'.
'to love' versus 'to like'.
They are not used as synonyms in Indonesian.

'pecinta' is a noun :
'Saya pecinta kucing' = I am a cat lover.

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