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  5. "Alle Elefanten trinken."

"Alle Elefanten trinken."

Translation:All the elephants are drinking.

April 17, 2013



Why does the article "the" need to be used in the English translation? I thought that the correct translations were "All elephants drink water" and "All elephants are drinking water"


1) The German sentence doesn't mention anything about water (das Wasser), so don't put it in the English sentence.
2) There is no need for the article in the English sentence. Acceptable answers should include "All elephants drink" and "All elephants are drinking". If you gave one of those as an answer and it was marked wrong because Duo expects you to include "the", then use the report function and choose "My answer should be correct".

Hope that helps!


1) Thanks. Why I wrote water in my question, I have no idea 2) Thanks - I will report now.


"All elephants DRINK." That is a fact which can stand. "All elephants ARE DRINKING." It is highly unlikely that all elephants in the world are drinking at the same time. I would suggest - DRINK - no "the" ARE DRINKING - "the" is needed.


Nobody said anything about location. You could be talking about all the elephants in a rehabilitation centre, which could be as little as 2, 3 or 4 elephants. They could easily all be drinking at the same time.


That is why you need "the" to specify which elephants are being talked about.


I am almost sure one can drop "the" in this translation when you say "all elephants drink". I am not a native speaker.


Even the pink ones?

But seriously, has the expression "sehen rosa Elefanten" been used or adopted anywhere in Germany?

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