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"The name of Neha's cat is Raj."

Translation:नेहा की बिल्ली का नाम राज है।

July 24, 2019



Should the english translation be Neha's cat's name is Raj.


Would make so much more peace in me as well


I didn't expect Neha to be written first since the noun "name" is the subject in the English sentence and the Hindi translation shows the word 'name' modifying the object of the sentence which appears to be the proper noun Raj. I would translate to English as follows:"Neha's cat's name is Raj."


Shouldn't it be ki instead of ka, because the word for cat is feminine?


I thought so too. Unless we're supposed to know that the cat is male, because his name is Raj, therefore it's "Ka"


The ki/ka matches the gender of the word that follows it, not the word that precedes it. So in this sentence की agrees with the feminine बिल्ली , and का agrees with the masculine नाम .

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