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  5. "Carrie is from Holland."

"Carrie is from Holland."

Translation:كَري مِن هولَنْدا.

July 24, 2019



Note to anybody reading this: In Arabic, the Netherlands doesn't have a direct translation. Instead, whenever The Netherlands is mentioned, we translate it to Holland, which is present.

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In some Atlases and Geography books in Arabic, the Netherlands are indeed translated by meaning: الأراضي المنخفضة


That's really useful, thanks! Recent diplomatic and international guidance is that we should no longer refer to the country "Netherlands" by only a part of it ("Holland"). I was wondering how to do that in Arabic...

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Yes. In fact, الأراضي المنخفضة is indeed a translation for the English (or more general European name) for the country: The low lands.


why "Carrie" doesn't hqve shadda? not كَرّي ?

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Well, to begin with, I don't think in English they say the name like it is in the audio here. This audio is wrong (the speech machine is not good for the Arabic speech). I think in English the name sounds more like (Кари/Ká-ree) somehow with no stress on "R".
Secondly, there is a convention in Arabic to write foreign names without the need for diacritics as much as possible. So this name should actually be written كاري in Arabic and not كري. It is true that Shadda must be there but the whole spelling here is not correct in the first place. Funny enough though, كاري also means (curry); the spice. Maybe that's why they tried to avoid this spelling? I Don't know. Anyway, in everyday life and writing, we don't usually use the diacritics unless it's to avoid some misunderstanding.

Some sample of foreign names and how they are usually written in Arabic

Joseph: جوزيف
Paul: باول
Gabriel: جابريل or غابريل
Thomas: توماس
Tony: طوني Antoine: انطوان Mary: ماري

This is what my memory serves me right now. So, generally speaking, when translating names off English or other languages into Arabic, the tendency is to write them down without diacritics in general and using letters even for short vowels, like in the case of كاري.


Thanks! That explains some things :)


There's something wrong about the pronunciation of "هولندا"


How would you write Carrie is Dutch? Instead of ScottISH etc?

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that would be كاري هولندية (I'm writing the proper spelling for Carrie in Arabic here) - Kárí húlandiyyah.
The proper name for the Netherlands would be الأراضي المنخفضة (the low lands) but it is common to refer to it as هولندا (húlandá). The adjective for the country is formed by adding the Relative Yá ـي to the end, so it becomes هولندي (húlandí) for masculine, and هولندية (húlandiyyah) for feminine. If we want to use the original name, الأراضي المنخفضة hmm we might use simply the preposition مِن (min: from) before the name to signify a person from the Netherlands. Yet, Holland is more common than the Netherlands.


holland is a region in nederland, is not a country

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Mentioned this already in this thread

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