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Conjugating verbs

Really struggling conjugating verbs> Any advice on best approach to learning the endings

July 21, 2012



Every time, you get a drop down with the word: conjugate: open it and read it slowly and with attention. In the course of time you will know a lot without having to drum things into your head.


Most verbs (the "regular" verbs) fall into one of three categories "-er" (like "parler") "-ir" (like "finir") are "-re" (like "apprendre"). If you look up the conjugations for all of these and just memorize them, you'll be able to guess more easily when you encounter a word you don't know. Of course, there are still lots of exceptions... :P


It is the hardest thing about French in my view. Not only do you have to conjugate verbs when writing, but you have to be able to recognise a verb in all its forms when reading. For instance, the word "bois" - is it the verb "boire" - "to drink" (water / wine / beer), or the noun "wood" as in forest. One of the early translations contains the word "gare" - nearly everyone translating it thinks it is a noun meaning "station", whereas it is the imperative form of the verb "garer" - to get off the road, or in this case "watch out!".


Learn the verb stems and get the book 501 french verbs. It helped me out a ton when i was taking french class and got confused. Or you can try http://la-conjugaison.nouvelobs.com/ which i used when i was in a hurry.


Keep practising and it will get better. You can read them as well but it is practice really does make perfect.


The site meirad suggests is great for looking up conjugations. I also like the site http://wordreference.com/ because it is wonderful for conjugations, definitions, and the forums for asking those tricky questions.

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