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Thoughts so far

The Arabic course seems fun so far. I enjoy the fact that duolingo "jumps right in" and teaches pronouncing things, also teaches how vowels (accents) can affect pronunciation. Keep up the good work! Some suggestions: in "match a pair" exercises, perhaps it would be better if some lessons required you to pick the pronunciation segments first, BEFORE choosing the Arabic letters.

July 24, 2019



On the whole, I do enjoy it, as well. I'm still very early into the course, but I've noticed that the lessons I've done do not have the light bulb icon that comes with an explanation or tips for the upcoming lesson. It would have been a good time to have a chart with the sounds and script of the alphabet. But, obviously, this can also be found online.

So far, that's my biggest complaint. I am enjoying the course otherwise.


Yep, it's fun. But thankfully it's not the finished course. I'm having a hard time remembering the words. I think it's the flow of the lessons. Alphabet 1 is great and fun but I think with each level, new words are being discovered. I like how words were kept consistent in other language courses, even when you go up a level, the lesson stays within the same theme. The first level should be the platform. I was having fun learning but then I just got stressed. I know it's in beta so I wanted to voice my opinion to help the finished course. I also think that it's okay to teach a third of the letters in one checkpoint. It helps to slow the learning process for us beginners to take it in at a good pace. I'm sure there are lots of sentences to learn with just 10 letters. I'm excited to see the finished course.

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