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"Innen gibt es einen Fernseher und ein Sofa."

April 17, 2013



Duolingo claims "televisor" is correct but ''television" is wrong. Is this British English?


No, this sounds more like Startrek-English. Please report it, it should read 'television'. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Televisor


I've reported it.


Fernsehen is not neutral?


'der Fernseher' = 'the TV set'

'das Fernsehen' = 'the television' (in general)

Colloquially you can also use 'das Fernsehen' for a TV set. (I wouldn't use it)




This might be because I'm not a native English speaker, but do you have to repeat the indefinite article (a) in English in an enumeration? I usually tend not to, but Duolingo insists it should be 'a TV and a sofa', rater than 'a TV and sofa'. Or would dropping the article in German also be acceptable, but is the answer wrong because it is explicitly included here?


There isn't a hard rule, but it's usually preferable to use the article for each item in a series to show they are separate items rather than one multi-tasking thing.

OK, "a TV and sofa" are presumably two separate things because we aren't familiar with a combination. "A camera and phone" sounds like one cell phone, however, whereas "a camera and a phone" would seem to be two separate devices.

You might say someone is "a teacher, philosopher, and member of the thought police," but say "A teacher, a philiosopher, and a member of the thought police walk into a bar . . . ."


In German, you can't drop the second article.

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