Hey y'all. I'm taking the vietnamese course, and to me it seems very hard. I've only done two lessons so far, and I just keep repeating the basics over and over. How do you recommend I move forward? Is there a way that I can repeat the level one basics again? I am worried about the level 5 basics, because I still don't really know how to spell the words. Is anyone else having this issue with other languages?


July 25, 2019


I think it depends on the learner. I notice that Songve and I seem to have different strategies.

Me, after the crowns system was put in, I go through each exercise until I hit level 5. Then I am constantly going back and testing over and over the exercise modules I've already covered (i.e., I already hit level 5). Then I move on to the next exercise module and repeat the process (so yes, you can practice an exercise module you've already max'ed out on). That is why I have over 40,000 points and have hit level 25 but am only a bit more than halfway down the tree. I do it this way else I know I'll forget what I covered previously.

I think Songve (level 22) is doing it differently, maybe going down the tree in a pass first before doing repeats. So it's customizable.

August 7, 2019

Thanks for the advice. I think i'm gonna try to do what you do, as I think your method of maintenance is really good.

August 10, 2019
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