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"هٰذا صَديقي تامِر وَهُوَّ غَنِيّ."

Translation:This is my friend Tamer and he is rich.

July 25, 2019



I feel like Tamer would be offended that this is the only detail you offer about him...

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knowing the mentality of my own people, trust me, no he wouldnt be


I can't tell if you are joking or not lol, would this genuinely be a reasonable sentence or would it be strange as it would be in English?

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Well, by now we are supposed to get used to Duolingo's sense of "humor" I guess.
Not really but here calling someone rich is not really offending. Though some people might fear envy actually rather than feel insulted (if being rich is true anyway)




"Knowing the mentality..." I feel like you insulting your brothers and sisters. Don't mind my comment if you think, I am wrong. May Allah bless you

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Been talking about my own place and the mentality. And it is true.
I'm sure not every Muslim out there has the same mentality of course.


This is my friend Tamer and he is rice.


what was it about the fabulously wealthy Tamer

that first made you seek his friendship, Duo?


In previous Arabic lessons (a while ago, in 1957), I was taught to transliterate a kasra as an "i".
The internet agrees with me: "kasra (plural kasras): In Arabic script, the vowel point for "i", appearing as a small diagonal line placed below a letter ( ?? ) and designating a short i /i/. If the Arabic letter ?? (ya?) immediately follows, it indicates a long i /i?/. as an "I", not an "E", so you are inconsistent Furthermore, MY Syrian friend does transliterate his name as TAMIR (however, being a refugee--although a surgeon--he is not rich).


Interesting, but first of all I would say that we should not expect names to be rendered as strict transliterations in English (transliterations of proper names tend to have their own traditions – we write Lebanon and no-one complains). Then, I had a quick look at Tamers vs. Tamirs on Wikipedia; most Tamirs appear to be Israeli and most Tamers appear to be either Turkish or Egyptian (these two apparently from different roots).

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