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  5. "هٰذا الْكَلْب كَلْبي."

"هٰذا الْكَلْب كَلْبي."

Translation:This dog is my dog.

July 25, 2019



If that sentence is "this dog is my dog", would you just say هذا كابي to say "this is my dog?"

(sorry for formatting, this is my first attempt at using an Arabic keyboard)

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Yes you can say directly هذا كلبي (Well, English-wise the translation would be "this is my dog").


Try singing this to your dog to the tune of “This Land Is Your Land”. Your dog will love it.


I had exactly the same idea!


Why is it "هذا الكلب كلبي" and not "هذا كلب كلبي"

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Since you are pointing to the dog, a definite or specific dog, then you should use the definite article AL with it and say هذا الكلب.
Funny thing, هذا كلب كلبي as you put it, would be understood as this is my dog's dog.


Hi @All, I'm wrong. I delete my comments. I have forgotten some important things. I'm so sorry for that. Thanks before! :)


Would you say then that كَلبي in your second example is an adjective?

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Nope. In كلب كلبي we have two nouns bounded together (following each other), and in such case we go into the realm of (Genitive) or as some call it (of-relationship). So, كلب كلبي would be understood as (dog of my dog).

Since you've mentioned it, actually deriving an adjective from the noun كلب (dog) is possible by adding the usual suffix for relationship which is also ـي (in Arabic we call it ياء النسبة, the Yá of relationship), and maybe new-comers would mix up between (my dog) كلبي (kalbí) and (canine) كلبِيّ (kalbiy). Notice though that in the adjective there is a little stress on (Y) at the end, while in the possessive case (my dog) the word ends in a long vowel (-í).
Also, the context would actually give a hint about the word in use of course.


My dog is my dog, none of your dog!


I wrote this is my dog dog lmao


This is my dog. There are many like it but this one is mine. Without my dog I am less. Without me it is less.


I think that mean : this dog is my dog.. and not mean : this is my dog

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I think Duolingo is doing a literal translation here.
I would translate This dog is mine more as هذا الكلب لي, where لي (lee) means for me/mine.
Of course This dog is mine is correct as well in meaning but as I said, Duolingo often works by literal translation (I'm guessing for educational purposes and training).

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