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Meet the Duolingo Verified Streamers!

Hello Duolingo learners,

We have partnered with Twitch to showcase streamers from around the world as a resource for language learners. For those of you who don’t know, Twitch is a live streaming platform that allows viewers to watch others play video games, paint, cook, or do any of their favorite hobbies in real time. Viewers are able to interact with the streamers through their chat to comment and ask questions.

You can check out our new channel twitch.tv/duolingo



Many language learners find that exposure to a variety of media like books, movies, and music enhances understanding and enjoyment of a new language. Watching someone talk as they cook, play video games or paint is a fun and interactive way to expose yourself to languages and to connect to people all over the world.

Who are the streamers?

Duolingo streamers are Insiders (part of the Global Ambassador program, just like Hosts and Contributors). They are not language experts, nor are they language teachers. They are multilingual, or learning a second language, and encourage their viewers to practice the languages they know in the Twitch chat. These are people who agreed to share their regular stream with us to offer our community a way to engage with foreign languages. They want to provide somewhere fun for you to listen, practice, and learn your chosen language. You can learn more about some of our verified streamers here and see if they are live here.

What kind of content will be streamed?

Duolingo streamers offer a variety of content like cooking, art, video games, esports, travel, and more. Some streamers may incorporate Duolingo lessons into their stream, while others might cook with recipes in other languages, or try speaking foreign languages with locals as they travel.

We hope you enjoy this new way of complementing your learning. There is no right way to use this resource—whether you set it up in your calendar as a study session or leave the stream on for company while you are cleaning the house, we think it will be beneficial to your learning goals. Let us know your thoughts and ideas around this in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

>> Visit the Twitch channel now <<

Please note that you have to jump over to the streamer's channel to chat directly with them. Also, a reminder that Twitch is intended for audiences 13 years or older, and might contain some mature language.


July 25, 2019



Awww. Little Gamer Duo is adorable.


I can see Duolingo's growing quickly! I'm guessing they'll have a school and campus in the future! And seriously a whole community!!! I'm surely exited 'bout this!

That's one of the things excites me! (Twitch)... But never even heard of it!


A DuoLingo campus would be amazing!


Linguist school? If it were affordable and gave some type of certification, it would be interesting, even if only learning one language.


I do not understand ? I am not a gamer and do not have time for games it looks like Twitch is for gamers and I can not figure out where I would find any useful learning material


I just watched and see mostly gamers, too. But because I like cooking shows, a search by Food & Drink found a few in that category. To twitch its own. But not for me.


It's unofficially a gaming stream platform, but what it actually means is for Twicher users to stream their hobbies - and in Duolingo's case it means you can interact with a native speaker via chat (or just listen in). The person who streams can read a newspaper or a book in the target language.

When you have a native streaming, it's like a class with a teacher - but you don't have to worry about not doing your homework.


If you don't enjoy video games, you probably won't find it too useful. Of course, I do think it expands the options Duolingo users have for more exposure to their language of interest. You can also interact via chat with the streamers. You should try watching some streamers, like mickanplays, and see if you like it.


Dia dhuit! Noticed Irish wasn't on your list. I would love to be considered to showcase Gaeilge on your Twitch channel. I'm currently the only person in the world who streams regularly in the Irish language. I've been a Duolingo member for years. Would love to make this happen. Go raibh maith agaibh.


How can one find your Irish language stream?


This seems like a great idea!

I do have a question, What language(s) will be used on this channel?


Hi AndresGarner,

Our main channel will be primarily in English, but we have different language channels. Check out our team page to find our different language streamers.


No duolingoRussian channel :(


CSGO streams can teach you


No Hebrew or Welsh either :-(

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