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  5. "Omar is a fast translator."

"Omar is a fast translator."

Translation:عُمَر مُتَرجِم سَريع.

July 25, 2019



What dictates which word comes first? I wrote it omar fast translator, but it wanted omar translator fast.

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In Arabic, the adjective comes after the noun. Thus, you have to mention that Omar IS a translator, then add "fast" to describe "translator" (attributive adjective).


Thank you for clearing up


I guess its Arabic grammar.


have been doing this on a mobile phone. thought it might be easier to see the script on computer. I can still barely make it out even when zoomed in - and then I have to scroll up and down all the time to the Continue button. Please please please use a bigger script.


Thank you! That is very helpful.

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Most welcome!


There should audio upon selection of the options.


David is داوود and not دوود.. you are missing the "alef" in all instances of the word in all the lessons.


Its strange, i wrote the answer just like its asked, it says incorrect, but the answer given is written exactly the same no difference. Please check

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Report it then

I'm hoping that Duolingo is not checking for the Harakat or diacritics on letters as well (because we don't usually write them down unless to emphasize something)


Omar...im kinda envious now :)


I wrote مِتورجَم and was told that another correct answer would be مُتَرجِم. Seems to me that I was wrong, so why is it being marked as correct?

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I think it is something in the system and how AI works on correcting answers. In Russian lessons on Duolingo I do have big problem between two similar letters (Ш and Щ). My answer would be ALL wrong if I simply typed one instead of the other even if all the grammar and structure is correct in the sentence, my answer would be wrong completely just for this little change of letters. Even some Russians in the forum told me that it's OK and such mistakes are considered typos and not linguistically serious, but the system here still not fixed in this respect.
So, I would say it is a bless that Duolingo accepted your answer with typo but just marked it for you so you can learn. The correct word is indeed مُتَرْجِم (mutarjim).


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You can get a good evening

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