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"Apakah Anda menyewakan gedung ini?"

Translation:Do you rent out this building?

July 25, 2019



TIDAK,RUMAH SAYA TIDAK DISEWAKAN,mentang-mentang rumah W gede lu bilang GEDUNG.


Tak perlu berteriak. Tp sungguh?


What does this mean? Being the person owning the place and offering someone to stay in it, or being the one staying in it?


The speaker is probably a businessman trying to find a place for his business. He's asking the building owner about the possibility of renting the building.


Yes, this is the way it comes across to me. That someone is looking to rent the building, and inquiring the owner of the building if it is available for rent.


...i agree with @Femmy813541 and @4nthonylol: it's somebody asking if the building is for rent - it's literally saying to the owner: "are you renting this place out?" or "is this place for rent?" ...cheers!


How would this sentence be different if you wanted to ask:

"Are you renting out this building?"


...if you specifically mean the -ing form of the verb, we could use the word 'sedang' which before the verb which means 'currently' or 'right now' or 'at the moment' ...example: saya bisa membaca (i can read), saya sedang membaca (i'm reading right now) ...so, apakah gedung ini sedang disewakan? (is this building curently for rent?)


I omitted the out and its wrong. It's not essential in this sentence and is also a hint! Just rent


...to rent (a room) - is to pay someone in exchange for a duration of stay and use of a room (you do not own the room)

...to rent out (a room) - is to offer a room to other people who would give you money in exchange for their stay and use of the room (you presumably own the room)

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