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"on the faucet"

Translation:عَلى ٱلْحَنَفِيّة

July 25, 2019



In english we say a tap....faucet is american english.


Does anyone know how to produce the symbol above alif ٱ or what it's called?

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This symbol is unnecessary. It's just as normal as ا.
I hope though that Duolingo is not giving users hard time with this one like they did (and still do maybe) with the dagger-Alif in هذا.
The symbol on Alif here is mostly seen in Quran orthography, and calligraphic arts, and it has to do with how the Alif is to be treated when reading it (it's just the opposite of Hamza أ).

and by the way, the symbol is a small صـ - but as i said, it's not important


It means the alif is silent. You don't pronounce it


There are two choices that only differ in the haraka on the ألف.. It is illogical

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ربما كان السؤال لاختبار أي الحركتين يجب وضعها على الألف (أو همزة الوصل) وهي فتحة وإن كان الأغلب لا يكتبها.
أما الكسرة تحت همزة الوصل فتكون غالبا في أفعال الأمر


I don't understand the difference between these two choices. Can someone explain when you would use one versus the other?

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what are the choices - they are not shown here in the forum thread


One has اَ and one has ا with the smallط over it, as you mentioned.


Both this skill, Al home 2, and the Geo 1 do not load as a 1 by one, i had to use the complete skill level with the 200 gems


Can some tell when to use في and when to use على

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On: على.
In: في.

This said, not every expression in English using any of these preposition would match exactly the Arabic version. And this is not only the case with English and Arabic but also between English and other European languages. For example, you might say in the morning in English but in Irish you might say ar maidin which literally means (on morning).

So, while the above are direct translations for "on" and "in" into Arabic, but don't expect their function and usage in Arabic to match that of English.

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