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Important grammer rule.

There is a profound important grammatical point to refer to: A complete sentence in English consists of Subject + verb + (complement). A complete sentence expresses a complete thought. The same logic goes into Arabic,

In Arabic, there are two types of complete sentences: The first type is called “Jumlaa F3liyaa” (جملة فعلية). This sentence consists of verb + subject +(object) and also it gives a complete thought.

The second type is called “Jumlaa Ismiyaa” (جملة اسمية). This sentence consists of Mubtad2 (مبتدأ) + Khabar (خبر). Both Mubtad2 (مبتدأ) and Khabar (خبر) are nouns but the key point is that the Mubtad2 (مبتدأ) is a definite noun and Khabar (خبر) is indefinite noun. Two examples of both sentences: “Jumlaa F3liyaa” شرب الصبي الحليب the boy drank the milk
“Jumlaa Ismiyaa” السماء صافية the sky is clear Why am I referring to this: Some students tend to translate دجاج بارد as chicken is cold. Other students tend to translate دوو ممتاز as amazing duo. The sentence دجاج بارد is incomplete sentence in arabic. Therefore, the verb “to be” cannot be used in the English translation The sentence دوو ممتاز is a complete sentence in Arabic (as دوو is Mubtad2 and ممتاز is Khabar). Therefore, this sentence is translated as Duo is amazing.

July 25, 2019



I never knew this before :o Thanks for the tips!

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