I decided to learn arabic. Duolingo starts with the alphabet. However when I googled the arabic alphabet, it seems different? Any advice?

I also would like some worksheets learning to write it. Any ideas?

Tx Nora

July 25, 2019

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Can you give the link to the picture you saw on google?
There is a chance that you saw another style of calligraphy, or maybe a set of letters used for another language that uses the Arabic characters (in addition to more letters), like Farsi, Pashto or Urdu.

1- The letters can have until four shapes, depending of the place in the word or alone. Perhaps this is that that make you wondering.

Here is a link (in French) showing the different shapes. The colums from left to right are in this order : alone / ending a word / middle of a word / beginning of a word :

The red stars indicate the letters which are not attached to the following one.

2- This is a youtube link to learn how to write arabic letters :

Thank you Yves. The wordpress file seems empty. Yes, I watched this video already. I like him. But that brought up my question, as it seems different then the duoling arabic alphabet

The alphabet should be the same. It may appear different because the letters are written varied depending on their respective positions within in an arabic word (positions = initial, middle, or end). If that sounds, intense or confusing...Trust me, I know but stick with it...this pattern stays consistent so it will become easy :-). Below is a link (if allowed on DuoLingo) for your reference that has each letter handwritten in all positions so you can use as a reference moving forward. In addition, here is a quick example: letter = ي

Initial Usage: يلا (Yella') - Colloquial for 'come on' or 'let [us] go' - ي is the first letter in the word (reading from right to left)

Middle Usage: بيت (house) - the 2 dots at the bottom of the word next to the one dot represents the letter ي in the arabic word for house

End Usage: كتابي (my book) - the ي is at the end of the word (reading from right to left)

So there you have it...All three look different but are the same letter...hopefully that helps...maybe? :-)

That's really confusing :( Maybe just stick with duolingo and and hopefully I will remember some of it :) Tx so much.

It seems that you need to see a complete overview of the alphabet and explanation of the four forms of letters. So then as you move through duolingo course you know where you are at and not confused. Google Alif Baa pdf. This is a university textbook, so academic quality of information, and detailed explanation meant for first time Arabic learners. We used it at university. There is pdf of it available online. It gives overview of the alphabet and then goes through each letter. Write lots, write each letter in all of its forms so you remember how the letter looks in different positions in the word. There is a pattern, you will catch on to it quick. It's simpler than you think :-)

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