My decks (TinyCards)

Hey سَلَام,

i have a deck in TinyCards in MSA.

I will add more in future.

I hope that I can help you.


July 25, 2019


I will check it out.شكرا جزيلا!

July 25, 2019

عفوًا :)

July 25, 2019

Thanks a lot.It is really helpful. (:

July 27, 2019

That‘s beautiful ^-^ You know, there are so many decks from other people with mistakes -.-‘ be careful

July 27, 2019


July 27, 2019

I added Clothing, Nature, Traveling, Jobs, Body Parts, Family and Animals :)

July 26, 2019

I see that the Household Vocabulary is your favorite :) Do you have any wishes? I added fruits and vegetables yesterday

July 30, 2019
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