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"There is a hat in your bag, Bob."

Translation:هُناك قُبَّعة في شَنْطَتَك يا بوب.

July 25, 2019



So shantatika, why not shantatuka


Because it's the object of a proposition (in this case في)


And objects of prepositions are usually in genitive case, therefore ـِ instead of ـُ .


Audio for هُناك never plays when it's not in a sentence, like in the exercises where you select the words.


It's unbelievable! I didn't use Duolingo for some months, because of the consequent mistakes which appear in every lecture. Since the last lectures you need more energy to memorize the errors to conclude the units than you need to learn new vocabulary or grammar. All of of these 'shantatika'/'shantatuka'/'shantatuki' ... are marked and discussed here for months but ... nothing changes!

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