What is the difference between words such as баш and твої?

I am trying to learn Ukrainian from English and don't get all these noun cases and different words that mean the exact same thing.. Specifically, I don't get the difference between ваш, ваша, ваше, ваші and твоя, твої, твий, or твоє. Як and які would be huge favor as well!!!!!!

July 25, 2019


the ones that start with a в are normally used when speaking to someone you show respect ( parents, teachers, someone you just met, people who have a title such as Mr, Dr. etc.) the ones that start on т are mainly used for your Friends, classmates, kids. hope you find this helpful.

July 26, 2019

як = how які = which ваш/ твій = чоловічого роду (Masculine Gender) ваша/ твоя = жіночого роду (Feminine Gender) ваше/ твоє = середнього роду (Neuter Gender) ваші/ твої = множина (plural)

July 27, 2019

ти = you (1 person, informal, like thou but not obsolete), ви = you (several people or polite/formal form for ти).

Твій etc is derived from ти, and ваш from ви. The possessive pronouns are agreed with nouns by noun's gender-case-number form:

твій/ваш = masculine-nominative-singular (твій будинок) твоя/ваша = feminine-nominative-singular (ваша родина) твоє/ваше = neuter-nominative-singular (твоє життя) твої/ваші = plural for all genders, nominative case (твої ножиці, ваші стосунки)

  • Don't forget about the "universal" possesive pronoun свій (своя, своє, свої) which can be used instead of any personal possesive pronoun including твій and ваш when it is clear from the context which person is implied ("прибери в твоїй кімнаті" = "прибери в своїй кімнаті").

  • possesive pronouns are not used in Ukrainian so much as in English: "Wash you hands" = 'Помий руки" ("помий свої руки" is used only to emphasize).

July 27, 2019

As a Ukrainian I just intuitively know when to use this, but when I try to explain the logic behind it, I begin to see how difficult this might be for a foreigner...

August 2, 2019
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