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"مَطْعَم مُحَمَّد غالي لٰكِنّ طَيِّب."

Translation:Mohamed's restaurant is expensive but good.

July 25, 2019


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Did you report that?

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Hope they fix that (not optimistic about that).
I noticed they added the dagger Alif on لـ in لكن so i hope it doesnt turn out like the case with هذا which they refuse to adjust till now as far as i know


I believe they meant "tasty/delicious " , in which case the word should be لذيذ

طيب is never used in MSA

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It is used in MSA. And can be used to describe a person as "kind" or can be used for food meaning "delicious"


Then could you please describe a difference between "طيب" and "لطيف" if we want to say "kind" for a person?

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Actually both words can be used to note a kind person. I can say شخص طيب (šaxcun Tayyib) or شخص لطيف (šaxcun laTíf) - both mean kind person.

However, when I think about it, I think somewhat in my subconscious mind, the two types of "kind" here are different. I would say (and this is my own impression on the usage of these two words) is that طيب (Tayyib) is used to note a kind person in treatment to others, as opposed to (cruel). Meanwhile, لطيف (laTíf) I feel it as it means "kind" in a way, someone you enjoy talking to or dealing with (not necessarily opposing the adjective cruel). Maybe "gentle" is the word that fits here? Hope this is clear - but generally speaking, I've seen these 2 words used interchangeably to note a kind person.


What's the difference between جيّد and طيّب?

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جيّدmeans simply "good"
طيّب on the other hand can fill several meanings, including: delicious, kind (person), good, fine. This word has a sense of enjoyment in it.

If you say طعام جيد (Ta3ámun jayyid: good food) it simply means the food is good in terms of quality or the way it is cooked for example (e.g. carrot is a good food for eye's health). But when you say طعام طيّب (Ta3ámun Tayyib) here the food has a good quality in it with sensation of enjoyment (in smell and taste).


Ok, I see. Thanks a lot. شكرا


Why is it not مطعم المحمد since it is possesive?

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Well, محمد is a proper name (a person), so in Genitive relation we don't usually add (AL) to a person's name to form the Gentiive, but simply مطعم محمد (the restaurant of Mohammed).


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مَطْعَمُ مُحَمَّدٍ غالٍ لَكِنْ طَيِّبٌ

مَطْعَمُ مُحَمَّدٍ غالٍ لَكِنَّهُ طيِّبٌ


Is لكن supposed to have shadda like that

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I don't know why they added this here really, but it would have it when some suffix would be attached to it, e.g. لكنّه - but here, it should not have it.

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