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Working in an Arab Country!

Salam! Kayf halak?

I am writing this post to tell you my experience working in an Arab country. I've been working here in Oman for almost 4 years now. It wasnt easy at first. Especially when it comes to communicating with the people here. I dont know how to speak arabic when i started working here. But i tried my best to learn little by little, though i find it very difficult.

Thr first couple of months were very crucial for me. I really struggled talking to those who dont know how to speak english. Most of them knew how to speak english but there were few who dont. I find it difficult at first, but i tried my best undersanding them and communicating with them. Luckily, i succeeded. Im not saying that i am fluent in arabic now. But atleast i know how to communicate with them, i know how to talk to them. And for me thats better than not knowing how to talk to them. I needed to learn their language because this is the country where i chose to work at. Its not easy, but i survived! Who would have thought? I will be turning 4 years here soon.

Working overseas made me realized the importance of LANGUAGE. No matter how long you worked before in your home country, its totally a different experience working abroad. You'll see a different aspects of life. It will make you sad because your faraway from your loved ones, family and friends. It will make you mad because of the bad people that you'll be working with, new people that you'll meet while working abroad. And lastly, it will make you a better person because it will teach you lots of things, communicating to people with different races, it will help you boost your self-confidence, it will help you to be smart by learning new language. Language helps us communicate with people. And without learning their language, do you think i would have survived working here for 4 years?

That's how important Language is. So we better play Duolingo and learn whatever languages we want to learn. I think what we are doing here can help us. Spending time with Duolingo was worth it.

Again, just to clarify things. I know how to speak arabic but not fluently. And i know that i am still learning.

Are you working in an Arab country like me? Dont hesitate to share your experience learning their language and culture! I would love to hear it from you. Any comments or suggestions? I will appreciate any support you can give me with this post! Thank you for your time reading this. Masalam!

July 26, 2019



Great Job! Learning a language takes hard work and now it sounds like you can communicate with others in Arabic! Thanks for posting.


Yeah! Kinda. Lol! Like what i said i know how to speak arabic now, but not that well. I am still learning up to this very moment. Thank you for appreciating my post!


Awesome! If you don't mind me asking, what brought you to Oman to work? Better job opportunities? Also, where do you originate from?


Originally im from Philippines, and i decided to accept the job here because they offer better salary. Thanks for asking! ;)


If you don't mind me asking, your name Zaynin sounds Arabic and you learn Arabic???


Wow, I was born in Oman to Sudanese expats. My parents were teachers. Now we live in the United States but I remember Omani people for the most part were nice. Also, I'm glad that you didn't get taken advantage of because a lot of workers from non-arabic speaking countries are easily taken advantage of and abused.


Luckily, nobody has taken advantage of me. Maybe i can say that i did manage myself here. Thank you for sharing that Alna! Best of luck to you and your family there in US!

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