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  5. "جامِعة أَمْريكِيّة جَديدة"

"جامِعة أَمْريكِيّة جَديدة"

Translation:a new American university

July 26, 2019



Why should use "a"

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Because it is not definite. It is one of many. Some university.

The Arabic sentence here also does not have any definite article الـ so in English it must have "a"


ارجو اضافة باقي الارقام التي تمثل اصواتا باللغه الانجليزية (2=ء)(3=ع)('3=غ)(4=ذ)(5=خ)(6=ط)('6=ظ)(7=ح)(8=ق)(9=ض)('9=ض)


Why the last word don't have "un" in the end?

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The last vowel on the last word in a sentence can be dropped. Let's say there is something after that word, then the (-un) would definitely be added. This is something related to the flow of the speech and filling in the gaps, and since there is nothing after that last word, then there is really no necessity to add the last vowel. And by the way, the last word here is a feminine adjective and ends in Ta-Marbuta, so in case -un is added, that would turn into -tun.

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