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"Apakah dia sudah menyelesaikan sekolahnya?"

Translation:Has she already finished her school?

July 26, 2019



What does this mean? This sentence is quite unnatural, in my opinion.


Finished "her" school sounds like she is eating it. I.e has she finished her dinner. This needs a correction


Should be schooling (education), though not in common use.

"Has she already finished her schooling?"


Yes exactly. “Sekolahnya” in the Indonesian sentence refers to the process of her education, not the place/building in which she is educated.

Formal and most literal translation: “Has she already finished her schooling?”

Informal and most natural translation: “Has she already finished school?”

The translation given by Duolingo is incorrect because it uses “school” as a place/building in the English sentence and “sekolahnya” as the process of her being educated/schooled in the Indonesian sentence.


'Has she already finished school?' would be the correct phrase in English

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