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New Tree Development - Update on Progress

Hey everyone!

As the second tree’s development continues, we thought it would be appropriate to post another update of its progress.

  • Having taken into consideration the official guidelines for teaching Greek grammar, we have planned the new tree so that it can cover all the necessary grammar for the B2 CEFR level. Accordingly, the new course will contain more than 3,000 words. We are confident that once released, our course will be one of the longest courses that are available on duolingo, teaching effectively all the necessary vocabulary and grammar that one needs to reach the B1 level, having a solid knowledge of the Greek language.

  • More than 85% (almost 87%) of the courses’ sentences have been added, but the new tree probably won’t be available until 2020. We know this might be frustrating for some learners who have been around for quite a while, but Duolingo is an app that’s constantly changing. We have to keep adjusting things every once in a while, and that includes adding more sentences than the minimum required, so that the crown system functions effectively. Apart from that, there’s also the tree’s automated verification process, which might take a considerable amount of time.

  • Bonus Skills and Stories are not yet available for this course, as they are not for many more courses on Duolingo. We don’t know when these features will become available, but we’ll keep you posted if there is an announcement about it from Duolingo staff, in the future!

  • We are aware that there might be a few learners who are displeased by some of the changes made in the old tree. If that’s the case, please feel free to express your concerns and share your ideas in the comments, politely. Constructive criticism is more than welcome!

The old tree (currently released) consists of 74 skills and 1949 words.

The new tree consists of 92 skills and 3110 words.

Here are the changes that have been made:

New Skills:

  • Warmup & Stretch (introductory skills)

  • Weather 1 & 2

  • Appearance

  • Character

  • Greece

  • Shopping

  • Participles (Active)

  • Participles (Passive)

  • Be & Have (Revisionary Skill)

  • Adjectives 3

  • Indefinite Pronouns

  • Present Subjunctive

  • Past Subjunctive

  • Passive Subjunctive

  • Past Cont. Passive

  • Past Cont. Active

  • Countries

  • Feelings

  • Imperative (Passive)

  • Future Simple (Passive)

  • Future Continuous

Skills Removed:

  • Parts of Speech

  • Reflexive Pronouns

  • Religion

  • Gerund

  • Auxiliary Verbs

  • Infinitive

  • Phrasal Future

  • Economics

  • Modal

  • Travel

Skills split in 2:

  • Technology -> Computers, Social Media

Other changes made:

  • Some skills and words have been moved to help us add more sentences and improve your learning experience.

  • Some skills have been renamed.

  • Some words have been deleted from existing skills.

  • Double accents have been corrected.

  • Unnatural sentences have been deleted.

There is still a possibility of new additions. If there is any new learning material added to the course, we’ll make sure to post an update in the next few months!

We can’t thank you enough for all your support, comments and feedback. It has helped us to keep striving for improvement, for a better language learning experience, for you. And, of course, thank you for being patient. We’re looking forward to this tree’s release as much as you do.

Happy learning,

-Η Ελληνική Ομάδα

July 26, 2019



Very good news! I stumbled across Greek for a holiday and am now hooked ... μου αρέσει η ελληνική

I have lots of praise for the team who have helped turn a complicated challenge into something manageable.

I even like being able to say "This is not my bear" ... a must for all holiday-makers.

ευχαριστώ πόλη


Thank you for your kind words, too. :)

[deactivated user]

    Oh no... Is there a way you can keep subjects like Religion, Economics, Travel, etc.? I am worried I won't be able to get to them before the new tree is released, and I don't want to miss out on that content.


    Great news! Thanks for all the hard work. And if the new tree isn’t ready until next year, I’ve got at least 5 months in which to complete the current one! Nothing like a deadline for motivation!


    That's the way to go! :)


    Looking forward to this update as I am now studying for the B2 exam. I finished the current tree quite a while ago. Any news on when we will see the enhanced tree? Ευχαριστώ παρά πολύ!


    Hey, is there any update on progress? I have a lot more time on my hands these days and would love to get stuck into some new stuff! Σας ευχαριστούμε!



    My last translation was so appropriate:

    Θέλω να ευχαριστήσω όλους για την καλή σας βοήθεια και ενθάρρυνση!
    Είμαι έτοιμος για το νέο Ελληνικό δέντρο!


    Oh, that is the loveliest screenshot we've ever received. Congratulations and kudos, and thank you so much for all your help throughout your studies.

    Ορίστε μερικα lingots με τις καλύτερες ευχές μας.

    As for the new course, we are very near ready to send it for approval but...sorry there's a but, we are waiting for the new audio to be installed.

    The good news, I should say great news is that we have been informed that a new and much better TTS has been chosen. Duolingo is now in the process of testing it and as soon as it is installed we're ready to send the New Tree for approval.

    Stay tuned, I think you'll like the new and much-improved Tree. We look forward to your input on it.


    I think many of us are chomping at the bit, so to speak, to get started on the new tree. I was thrilled to be able to complete the current one. And though I still couldn’t hold much of a conversation with a Greek first grader, ha-ha, I have learned so much already that I am determined to continue until I can read Greek literature without too much help. Let’s Greek on! :)


    Hi, thank you for all the work on the new tree. Is there any more recent update on when the new tree will be ready? Is there any way of including a song (vocab & grammar) in the new tree? Or words used in recipes? Or common newspaper/TV story type words that would help understand Greek news shows?


    Thank you and yes we have already taken lyrics into account and added some to the new tree. I love the idea of recipes and all the other real-life suggestions. We are trying to make the new tree as realistic and practical. thank you for your contributions.


    That's great greek team! Keep plowing! Thanks for the update, I had been wondering about the progress of the new tree.


    Thank you for your support ^.^

    Indeed, this update took a while to be posted. There have been quite a few changes these past few months, and there was a certain amount of progress to be made, in order for us to have something more complete. We'll make sure to post them a bit more frequently in the future!


    Excellent! İ need a good prompt to go back and run through the Greek tree again and with the additional vocabulary I might be able take that next step towards understanding. I really enjoyed the challenge of Greek and would like to take it further.


    Thank you! We're excited to have you back for Greek Course 2.0 , when it gets released! :)


    I don't want to be a bother, but when in 2020 do you estimate the new tree to be released? Also, if the new tree will be at a B1/B2 level, what would you consider the current tree's level to be?


    Duolingo has provided a new feature for teaching the alphabet, so we're wrapping our heads around this. The current tree is not a far cry level-wise, but we've taken care in better explaining some grammatical concepts plus adding some vocab.


    Hi amazing moderators

    After the change, any idea what our tree will look like? Does it all get reset, or just some new subjects appear and others stay completed if you have done them? What happens to your XP?



    I believe that the system will treat as "known" all the common words between the two. So, for example, if you have the "food" skill golden, and the new tree adds a lesson with new words in that skill, it will not be golden anymore, but previous words/lessons will still be considered known.


    Thanks ... while that might be a bit demotivating at first, it'll be very good practice too!


    I would recommend keeping the religion skill in there. I am learning Greek to help understand the Orthodox church more completely and to aid in certain ecumenical discussions.


    very well done i have always wanted to learn greek but found the current course quite hard


    Thank you Marcus ^.^

    I wouldn't say it's hard, but it's indeed a bit more compicated than it needs to be. We tried to make it as simple as possible, while also adding useful material that was missing. We hope you'l be around to check out the new course, when it eventually rolls out!

    Happy learning ^.^


    Thank you for your efforts!


    Thank you for your support, and for taking the Greek course. ^.^


    I hope other courses will reach level B2!


    Thanks for the update and for all your hard work! What will happen to my progress on the current tree when the new one is released?

    Also, a humble request: In the "Questions" skill, would it be possible to add in more practice specifically to help distinguish between τι and ποιος/ποια/ποιο? I don't think I'm alone in finding it difficult to determine when to use which. I was in Greece earlier this month and even some of the locals admitted that it can be confusing if you're not speaking Greek every day.

    Ευχαριστώ πολύ!


    Are there going to be tips and notes?


    Of course ^.^ Almost all of them have been rewritten. We are currently working on a post to include all grammar related posts, so that we have only one sticky post, where everything's organized. New posts will be getting added gradually, in order for us to help learners a bit more until the new tree's release (and also because, when the new tree gets released, some sentence discussions will be deleted. We need to have a few reference points:) ). This will take a while though.


    Thank you so much for your hard work on this - it has seriously helped me! I am very excited for the new tree...


    We're so glad to hear that the course has been helpful! We hope you'll stick around to give us your feedback on Greek 2.0! ^.^


    I'm not even learning Greek and I'm excited!


    Congratulations Ελληνική ομάδα! I appreciate your devoted tries to improve the Greek tree. It is not an easy try and I guess it will be perfect!


    B2 level??!! I had to reread that part because I was sure I had misread it! Incredible, thank you so much for all your effort! :)


    i've been learning this course for a month and i'm enjoiying a lot! i aprecciate a lot the tips in every lesson, you don't see that in any course. I hope the tree gets as big as English from Spanish or Norweigan from English ευχαριστώ. -Ορέστης.


    Thank you so much for your kind words we try our best and it's so rewarding to hear we have achieved a bit of what we hoped to do.


    I totally agree! The Greek language course has some of the most erudite and responsive moderators you will find. I've tried asking questions in other courses with little or no success. But, this course counts with the most outstanding moderator/native/learner interactions you'll find out there. All very edifying! And we are all waiting for the next Greek tree to get started on a new learning adventure! (I can't believe it's still free!)


    greek people really appreciate when someone takes the effort to learn the language and it's very beautiful too! starting with the alphabet!


    AWESOME! These are the kinds of changes we need on duo! Not a new website layout! Thank you! I don't take Greek, but I can appreciate your hard work!


    Ευχαριστώ πολύ!


    Εμείς ευχαριστούμε! ^.^


    Σας ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ! I really appreciate all your hard work :)


    Εμείς σ' ευχαριστούμε! ^.^


    Why are you removing so many grammatical building blocks? Especially on a site like Duolingo, where plenty of people are avid language learners.


    The new tree is much broader. The present tree has 74 skills and the new tree has 95 skills with nothing of importance missing and a great deal added and where it says a lesson is removed that doesn't mean the material contained in that lesson is not taught. Rest assured. Thanks for your concern we'll try to live up to your hopes.


    Is there any update on when the new tree might launch?


    I had managed to get to the third check point before the update and after the update I saw that some skills had turned purple (lvl. 0) and some had remained golden. Do you suggest I continue my progress from here or should I restart the course after having taken the initial placement test? Thanks in advance ;)


    i cant learn greek idioms with out lingots. how do i get enough?


    So the gerund lesson got replaced participles lessons,interesting.


    Yes, indeed. Gerund isn't a term that's used in Greek grammar. And since passive participles weren't included at all, we decided to teach both properly. ^.^


    Will there be a post on the duolingo in English forum informing potentially interested students on the changes?


    Ι don't think so. It might be marked as irrelevant, since it's about the Greek course specifically. But, we could consider it for a future update ^.^


    I still have the Gerund lesson and no passive participles. Will I have to start from scratch/reset to see the new trees?


    No, it's launched for each user individually.


    Καταπληκτικά!! So looking forward to the enhanced tree and grammar level B2. That said, the current tree has made a major difference for my somewhat futile attempt to master modern Greek. It has been an enormous support for the various courses (paid $$$) I have followed. The green owl rocks. Thank you, Ελληνική Ομάδα, for your effort and for keeping us posted on your progress <3


    Aw, thank you for your nice words :D And we're also glad to hear that the current course ahs helped you in your learning journey. We hope you'll stick around for the second tree's release! ^.^


    Ευχαριστώ πολύ την όλη Ελληνική Ομάδα! The course is already great, so any further improvement can only be received with gratitude and excitement.

    If I may, I would like to make a suggestion. If I understand correctly, the tree will gain a substantial amount of new material but is going to lose some of the old. Please keep that material as lessons at the end of the tree. The ones of us who have already gone through those words would like to keep practicing them (as to me, even επίρρημα, μετοχή, and so on), and extra vocabulary never hurts!

    Thanks again for all your work!


    Yes, I totally agree with you. I would be happy to be able to repeat the material that will be removed from the new tree. Μου αρέσουν πολύ τα μαθήματα! Ευχαριστώ!


    Still a beginner but I hated Parts of Speech; glad to see that go. I found this skill an outlier in terms of difficulty. the words relate very little to the English counterparts and I never learnt grammar explicitly so even their meaning is, for me, obtuse. I'm optimistically hoping that I won't still be making my way through the tree in 2020 but good luck on the revised version and thanks for all your work.


    Is it possible that Duolingo award a certificate after the learning and some test of Greek?

    • 146

    Duolingo only awards certificates for English through its test center: https://englishtest.duolingo.com/home.


    Looking forward to the new tree.


    Has the new tree just been released ? My app updated and I have a whole load of new exercises!!


    It started to go to a few learners at random about a month ago. Now, it's going out to more. If you want to avoid doing a lot of repeat lessons look at these ways to test out. And also check the differences in the old and new trees.

    NEW TREE HOW MANY WORDS FORMATED https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/46018306

    The NEW TREE is far more advanced and you will learn much more and be taken to a higher level. And you can regain your gold.




    How many words….D_.. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/45521722?comment_id=45560124


    THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE OLD TREE AND THE NEW TREE https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/46006993


    I love the new tree! So much more content. This will keep me busy for a while. I had built up loads of lingots doing the old tree, so it’s easy to use them to test out of those early skills on the new tree and move on to more challenging material. Thanks Duolingo Greek team!


    Thank you on behalf of the whole team. Your comment has made all our efforts worthwhile. Best wishes for happy and productive learning.

    Have a few more lingots.


    How awesome! I finally have the new iOS tree! Woo-hoo! =) My new tree is mostly purple with some gold left over. However, none of the 370 crowns disappeared, at least not yet. I don't even think I want to test out. I really could use the practice. =) By the way, thanks so much for such an wonderfully informative reply, Jaye! You rock!


    Oh, how heartening your comment is. We are so happy to hear you have found the new tree beneficial. And no crowns lost that's good to know. You need some lingots from all of us. Many thanks.


    Is there any way to get into the new tree development process ?


    What do you mean, exactly? To get into as in, to take part in the development process, or just see it?


    Will the new tree have the same TTS bot, a different one or an actual speaker?


    There have been some discussions about changing the TTS. I don't think an actual native speaker is on the table for all languages just yet. :/


    Please do,the current one is pretty annoying


    Duo says: Woo hoo!!!

    I just got wind of the good news! It’s Thanksgiving in the USA, and though not religious, I give thanks for your hard work and all of the help you awesome moderators have so graciously provided.

    Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!


    Thank you for taking our course! ^.^


    I have only very recently started the Greek course but I've received the new tree a few days ago! I'm very excited to learn Greek thanks to your continuous efforts, and it's safe to say we are all very appreciative. I was just wondering if it would somehow be possible to restore the Religion skill, as I would, and I feel as though I'm not alone in this, based on the other comments here, benefit greatly from the vocabulary and sentences involved? I understand the inherent potential "problematic" nature but again, more knowledge can never hurt, right?

    In any case, thank you once again!

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