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  5. "صَيْف حارّ في عُمان"

"صَيْف حارّ في عُمان"

Translation:a hot summer in Oman

July 26, 2019



Given answer: "a hot summer in Oman"

Could صيف حارّ في عُمان also be "summer is hot in Oman"? If not, how would you say that?

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Summer is hot in Oman: الصيفُ حارٌّ في عُمان

The definite article "AL" makes all the difference.


She said in Amman instead of Oman...

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Kind of. More like (Umman). Anyway, it is of course wrong. It's a machine and they didn't program that well.

Oman (country): عُمان (3umán).
Amman (capital of Jordan): عَمّان (3ammán).


A hot summer in Oman. This means no more hot summers in Oman. Lucky Oman.


So when speaking generically about the season (summer is hot, winter is cold), you use the definite article?

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Yep. If it was a general sentence you make the subject have a definite article:
الصيف حار في عمان (THE summer is hot in Oman).

If you want to note only a specific summer you would need to add a marker like (this: هذا) for example to make the sentence under the same structure:
هذا صيف حار في عمان (THIS is a hot summer in Oman).
You can also put a definite article and the meaning would change to (THIS SUMMER is hot in Oman)
هذا الصيف حار في عمان - .

maybe not much sense in meaning but just to get the idea through

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