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It seems to me that Tinycards needs a "report" button/feature. I'm guessing that the cards aren't moderated? There are several cards that use the wrong indeterminate form "en" instead of "ett" and vice versa. (en hotell, en museum, ett bio) This is especially problematic for using flashcards to "drill" vocab into you and you must learn grammatical genders. There are many examples when the correct answer may expect "en" or "ett" when the English side of the card does not and vice-versa.

There are several answers that have formatting issues. e.g. adding a hyphen to an answer with no space or purpose.

And probably just Tinycard issues in general but a "report" feature and a field in the card for a description might resolve. There is often a card with more than one possible answer (e.g. "left" - "vänster" eller "lämnat" eller "avgick" if you are doing the course practice how do you know how to answer?

There are a few - very few - cases where the limitations of the cards not having a "description" field are dealt with by doing something like "Dit" "(to) there". I have to type the entire thing with parentheses to be correct.

Even though Duolingo isn't the best way to learn grammar - I wish the flashcards had examples to reinforce concepts. (like Rosetta Stone)

It would be best if it was true SRS... Please don't ask me "en flicka" or "ett system" are again for the 100th time when the answer is always correct.

And a bug: sometimes when typing 3 letter answers you get it wrong despite spelling correctly. Only seen with 2 or 3 letter answers.

July 26, 2019

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I might be wrong, but afaik the official Duolingo-made Tinycards courses for for the languages that always get preferential treatment: German, French, Italian, ... I always forget which languages belong to this group. But Swedish is not among those, that's for sure. :(

I assume the TC set you're using was made by a user and therefore typos and other issues are much more likely than in any official Duolingo set. I cannot imagine Duolingo making mistakes as "en museeum" or "en hotell".

You might want to check whether there are Swedish sets with the Duolingo vocabulary for Memrise, Anki or Quizlet. There are quite a few sets for Irish, and I would imagine Swedish has a couple of more learners than Irish. :)

Memrise should also have an official Swedish course, and all their own courses are really good. It's also easy to create your own decks since you can import entire lists including comments.

July 27, 2019
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