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  5. "What does she ask?"

"What does she ask?"

Translation:वह क्या पूछती है ?

July 26, 2019



so क्या वह पूछती है? means "does she ask?". correct?


What is the diff btw 'poocho' and 'poochthi'


पूछो is the imperative form. You use it when you are instructing or requesting someone to 'ask'. Eg: 'नेहा, उनसे पूछो!' - 'Neha, Ask them!'.

पूछती is the feminine simple present tense form. It is used to ask that someone habitually 'asks'. Eg: 'नेहा हमेशा बहुत सवाल पूछती है' - 'Neha always asks a lot of questions'.


Is this actually saying "She asks what?"


How to translate " kya vag poocho "


Vaha pucti kya he? Incorrect? Vaha pucti he kya? Incorrect?


In formal Hindi, both those sentence are incorrect.

However, colloquial spoken Hindi is more flexible in word order and both of them can be used if spoken with the correct intonation. 'वह पूछती क्या है?' is then 'What does she ask?' and 'वह पूछती है क्या?' is 'Does she ask?'
That said, I would suggest that new Hindi learners stick to the regularly ordered sentences - 'वह क्या पूछती है?' and 'क्या वह पूछती है?' respectively - because changes in word order may pack a lot of nuances that they may be unfamiliar with.

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