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"أُحِبّ اَلْقِراءة وَالْكِتابة أَيْضاً."

Translation:I like reading and writing also.

July 26, 2019



I like reading and also writing is better English, I protest!


The depends on your understanding of the meaning, as an Arabic native speaker the first impression I got when hearing the sentence is the speaker likes reading and writing as well as she likes other stuff, that makes the two correct translations are:

I also like reading and writing I like reading and writing also

The meaning you got (and most of the comments I guess), needs a punctuation to make it clear as follow:

أحب القراءة، والكتابة أيضًا

The Fasla (comma), divides the meaning and make it the way you translated


Stop reading out grammatical endings if you don't show them written! Can't practise proper pronunciation.


Shouldn't "I also like reading and writing" be accepted?


No, because that would mean there was a third thing (or more) that you liked as well as reading and writing.


Yes.. both are correct

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