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Need arabic-learning books and texts!

I'd like to think I'm picking up Arabic from the first two checkpoints pretty fast, and this is very exciting!! I've also come to realize how useful it is to read basic texts when you're learning a new language. Would anyone be so kind as to recommend any of the following, please?

  • Basic texts (ideally not children books, but they work too).
  • Meme pages on Facebook (And any interesting page with short texts).
  • Other "Must" reads (So I can pick up when I get better).
  • Catchy songs with easy to understand lyrics.
  • Simple TV shows (for when I get better at this. Maybe with " Fauda" level arabic?)
  • Comic books or trendy stuff.
  • Anything you think might help!

Thanks, Everyone! Maasalamah.

July 26, 2019



there's this sudanese song called ahla eyyoun that know by heart because its so good and there's a translation in the comments of the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqLpRykVk6Q&lc=UghfwoKiEhBo5ngCoAEC


Thank you so much!

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