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"I like running and swimming in the evening."

Translation:أُحِبّ اَلْجَري وَالْسِّباحة مَساءً.

July 26, 2019



Why isn't it في المسا?


في المساء should be accepted.

Report it.


The word في stands for, "something IN something". Like in English we say, "water in the glass". Like in Arabic, "قہوة في الکوزہ Coffee in the cup/bowl"


True, although مساءً is the Right choice but في المساء should be accepted anyway...


Is anyone getting really exhausted?


why is there no fathah on the first alif of وَالسِّباحة?


Because alif can't receive harakat. Only hamza can. And there is no hamza here.


Thanks. I've been very vague about this. So (what looks like) an alif can have either a glottal onset (with a hamza on top) or a smooth onset (without). But if it has a hamza on top it loses its vowel quality and requires a harakat? I'd be really grateful if you confirmed this, or put me right, tsuj1g1r1 (gosh your "name" is hard to spell).


Hmmm Alif is just a long A vowel So it like aaaa

Hamza is a glottal sound like a' And hamza is written in different ways ء أ إ ؤ ئ all of them are hamza not (Hamza with alif (2 letters) ) no just hamza 1 letter...

İ did not understand the part about alif needs harakat.... But generally alif CANNOT have harakat because it İS a vowel in itself...

Sometime you may see that alif came in the first letter of a word that is (the first word of a sentence) and is pronunced like ii ...as in اقرأ باسم ربك whic is pronunce (iiqra' .....)
Here we used the sound ii for alif because it came in the first letter in the first word and its haraka is suukon ْ which is literally means no haraka... But arabs do not start a sentence with consonant sounds so it becomes ii


Like should be مثل ohib is for love ?

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