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Mbote fellow lingala speakers, if you speak Lingala I need your help. I am very interested in a Lingala course that could help teach the young Congolese Diaspora our language. In order for that to happen we need volunteers that speak Lingala and French/English fluently to apply to become a Lingala contributor. If we have enough contributors (Around 7-15) than maybe Duo will make a Lingala course. In order to apply to become a contributor for a potential Lingala course, you will need to do the following.

Steps to apply to be a contributor for a lingala course:

Step 1: click on this link: and read the top

Step 2: scroll down to where it says 'Apply To Become a Course Contributor'

Step 3: Click on 'choose language' ( the one closest to the left)

Step 4: scroll down to 'Enter Other' and type Lingala

Step 5: click on the 'choose language' closest to the right and click on English (or French if you speak French)

Step 6: Fill out the rest of the form

July 26, 2019


You posted about Lingala yesterday under the Zello post. I doubt that reposting will change things so perhaps best not to push too much.

July 26, 2019

You are right, I will stop after I post one in french for the Congolese who speak french

July 26, 2019

Lingala? Sounds like lingot and gala..... Duolinga? Sounds weird!

July 26, 2019

It's an African language spoken by ~70 million people.

July 26, 2019

Yes and if there are any other languages you speak that aren't offered on Duolingo that you want available, please do that instead of posting on the forums.

July 26, 2019

More specifically, per the Help ...

If you want to suggest a course, we encourage you to visit the forums, search for suggestions that have been made in the past, and add your vote or comment to existing posts.

July 26, 2019

I have just applied to become a contributor for a Lingala course

July 27, 2019

Posting on the forums increases the chance that there will be more than one application.

July 28, 2019
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