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  5. "هٰذِهِ الْموزة طَيِّبة."

"هٰذِهِ الْموزة طَيِّبة."

Translation:This banana is good.

July 26, 2019



Banana is spelled incorrectly in Arabic. It should "mawza" instead of "mooz", while you can use the latter for plural e.g. i like bananas.


Delicious can work instead of good right? I am a native speaker and this seems fine...


"This is a good banana" Whats wrong with this sentence ?


Probably " هٰذِهِ موزة طَيِّبة "


The definite article with banana makes it "this banana." Hebrew works the same way except the demonstrative pronoun goes after the noun and both get the definite article: הבננה הזו


"Tasty"....good is جيدة


Its pronouncing banana wrong but written right


Where is the word banana in Arabic from...? It is so strange, weird, ممتع, that it sounds different than the word banana which is banana in every other language I know so far - how it is...? What is its origin in Arabic? Why the whole world call that fruit banana, but the Arabic language has its own word, something totally different - what does its root mean and what is the reason it's so different?

Maybe it was already asked and explained somewhere else, but I was running with exercises and didn't check every forum, so sorry if it's so, feel free to answer with link.

My question shows prove that I studied historical linguistics - it's interesting for me to discover what is interesting for me... :D Prove that I made a good choice with my thesis theme... :D


It looks like it was borrowed from Sanskrit. See https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/banana.738243/. Also "musa" is the scientific name for banana.


Thank you, really interesting! :)


This new set of voices are so different in pronunciation of nearly every word (even proper nouns) that i have to relearn the entire course up to this point again! Which is correct? The old way or the new one?????


I was thinking the same thing!


You sound shoud say " almawza"


"Tov" is good in Hebrew


Looking for (موزة) at almaany, it gives (مَوْزَة) as banana, as HassanDaye2 has said.


Is it just me or is the voice over in exercise different from here in the comments section? what gives?

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