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Conversation Exchange

I am wondering if Duolingo has considered setting up a system to connect people who want to exchange languages through conversation on Skype etc.? When my Spanish is improved, I would like to speak Spanish with a native Spanish speaker who wants to speak English with a native English speaker. For example we would talk an hour in Spanish and then an hour in English.

July 22, 2012



You should send this as feedback, I'd also like to see this.


Hi there, Duolingo will put out some community guidelines soon. So stay tuned on that. While we want you to protect your own privacy, we also want you to learn languages (and speak).. So how about starting a facebook group to safely connect with other users until we implement chat and video on Duolingo?


yes, you can practice on this link www.conversationexghange.com, and the exciting thing is that it is free



Here's another similar "exchange" learning site, which I found helpful some several years ago now:


At that time, a student would select one or more language partners and check each other's exercises (both oral and written).

However, I found I was spending too much time teaching my native language (English), compared to learning Spanish so I quit when I moved to Mexico, where I lived for over two years in the tranquil village of Ajijic along the shore of Lake Chapala. Gorgeous!

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