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"Nós nos encontramos em outra ocasião."

Translation:We met on another occasion.

April 17, 2013



"Encontramos" can be present too?


Sim. Primeira pessoa do plural do presente e do pretérito perfeito, do indicativo.


we have met on a different occasion - marked wrong- 26/12/18


Why is there a "nos" here?


It is necessary in Portuguese. As Paulenrique says, it is like "we met ourselves"; however in more natural English, it would be more like "We met/meet each other in another occasion". The "nós nos encontramos" is commonly used in Portuguese, but the sentence itself is as awkward as it would be in English. =)


i put "We met each other in another occasion" and it was marked wrong


Same here.
I tried the answer "We have met each other in on another occasion" and I also was marked wrong.

According to Vivisaurus' description this should be ok: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/333201$comment_id=646264

There even is a hint for the 2nd "nos" as "each other".

There probably is no way to make a 2nd report for the same sentence again to try your answer and re-report it as very likely only one and not two reports will show up in the Incubator.



Next time try with "We met each other on another occasion" and report if it does not accept.


"We met each other on another occasion" was finally accepted.


In English we never say "in an(other) occasion". It's either "on" or, if occasion refers to an event, "at".


That should probably be "we met ourselves..."... more correct....


You wouldn't say that except as a joke, because "ourselves" suggests exactly the same people on both sides.

The cartoon character Pogo once said, "We have met the enemy and he is us."


"Nós" and "nos" sound exactly the same. Is the "ó" just orthographic or also phonetic?


Also phonetic. "Nos" would be closer to /noos/ in English.


Surely this could mean either ‘we met...’ or ‘we meet...’ but I was marked wrong for the latter. Help!


I don't see how the present tense would make sense here, so you know from the context.


I did not try it but We met another time would also be correct in English.


I am really enjoying these very practical examples. I take them down and practice them because I know they will prove useful in the future. To the person or persons responsible for creating them -- thank you!


What's the difference with this and "Let's meet on anothr occasion"?


"Nós nos encontramos em outra ocasião." - It may refers only to a declarative sentence. "Let's meet on another occasion" could be translated as "Vamos nos encontrar em outro momento?".

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