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"هَل جودي مُعَلِّمَتِك يا سامْية؟"

Translation:Is Judy your teacher, Samia?

July 26, 2019



It's a great feeling when you type the answers in Arabic without looking at the word bank and they are correct. I urge anyone on OSX to switch to Arabic input and try it. Feels like you learn a lot more that way.


That's inspiring, legatrix. But can you input harakat? I'd like to type eventually, but am afraid of doing so without the little vowels.


I can't use diacritics on my phone but I can on my PC. But I think you should practice without diacritics because it teaches you the real Arabic


Again. Why does the voice say mu3alimatika when the written word is mu3alimatik? I've asked this question (about the extra "a" at the ends of words) about a dozen times, and nobody can be bothered to give me an answer. I'm not having auditory hallucinations, am I?


Why is it not just pronounced Samia in arabic?


And again, the word for teacher is pronounced not -ik but ika. WHY?


Why does it say "Samiiatun"?


i got said from an arab whenever it is written with ة they say it like samiiaton without the dots ه its just samiia.

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