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  5. "هٰذِهِ حَديقة قَديمة."

"هٰذِهِ حَديقة قَديمة."

Translation:This is an old garden.

July 27, 2019



Isn't that same as "This garden is old"?


No, here is the difference:

  • "This is an old garden" = هٰذِهِ حَديقة قَديمة.
  • "This garden is old" = هٰذِهِ الحَديقة قَديمة.


Thanks for taking the time to respond. As I continued through the lessons, I started to understand the difference between الحديقة and حديقة. That's what I get for testing out.

Please explain the difference between الحديقة and اَلحديقة


One has the vowel marked and the other does not. Vowel marking is for beginning learners. For natives and advanced learners, the vowels must be determined by context.

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I learned بستان for garden. Is there any difference with حديقة?


البُسْتانُ : جُنَيْنة فيها نخيل متفرِّقة يمكن الزِّراعة بينها، وإِلا كانت حديقة - [المعاني]


The developers of this course are ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


I dont understand how many words such as'hadiqa' are pronounced 'hadiqatun'. Why does this additional '...tun' come in.

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This is something called ʾiʿrāb which is the way of inflecting nouns for case and definiteness. It is only present in MSA, not the dialects, and it's not usually written, because none of the diacritics are usually written ‾\_(ツ)_/‾. The -t- is what the tāʼ marbūṭah (ة) turns into when it's not at the end of a word; the vowel that follows is the case ending; and the -n signifies that it's indefinite (that's called nunation or tanwīn). The course is kind of inconsistent in applying them, but I think it's a good idea to get used to hearing them, even though I personally don't feel like it's that important to be able to produce them yourself.

So the breakdown for حَديقَةٌ ḥadīqatun would be ḥadīq "garden"+-at feminine marker+-u nominative case+-n indefinite.



Why cant we say This garden is old ?????

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هذه الحديقة = "this garden"; هذه حديقة = "this is a garden"

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