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"Aku cemburu karena dia lebih sayang kamu."

Translation:I am jealous because she loves you more.

July 27, 2019



Straight word to word would be "I am jealous because she more loves you." Glad I understand how the actual word order is.


... you're right about the word order; quite understandable the way many indonesians speak english because they tend to follow the indonesian word order (including adjectives following nouns as opposed to how it's normally done in english)


...yes they do, at least that was my general experience during my three-year stay there; but the positive point about realising things like those (i casually self-learned while i was there) helped me improve, although it was naturally confusing at first because i have to 'unlearn' many 'normal' things from english grammar (my first language, so it was quite difficult to shake off certain language habits haha)


Oh wow! That's interesting!


...i tapped on the word 'dia' (he/she) and it was pronounced correctly; however, when the whole sentence was spoken by the app voice, it was said in two syllables 'dee-ah' ...can someone from duolingo check this, please? ...thanks


It should be said in two syllables.


...oya aku salah mbak, bener tetep saja dua suku kata siq tapi maksud saya pengucapannya harus 'diya' bukan 'dee-ah' ...cheers

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