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size of the arabic font

I think that the arabic words are written so small. For people that are not used to arabic characters can be difficult to distiguish them and read. To facilitate it, I use to increase the size of what I see in the screen, but then the latin characters appear super big.

There is any possibility to make the arabic font to appear bigger without increasing the latin characters? Am I the only one with this problem? Thanks!

July 27, 2019



I agree with you. Arabic characters are smaller comparing with English characters. we need to increase the size but I think it needs to be repaired. I think Duolingo should fix it.


I think duolingo will do something about it because plenty of people are mentioning this problem, this really needs to be fixed otherwise my eyes will seize to exist.


I agree. For beginners it would be much better to have big and clear letters. Thanks for bringing this up. Now the question is how do we influence Duo to give us a more beginner friendly font size?


Ahaha, this hadn't bothered me until you mentioned it. It's totally impeding in the education, true!

On another note, because Arabic is a distinctly cursive language with almost all 28 letters able to be written in 4 different ways, it could potentially be beneficial to have digital writing practice. I just read a paper that said this was how they were drafting an online education program for illiterate children in Arabic speaking countries. Because the writing part is essential.

Let me know your thoughts, that way I can send this feedback directly to them, somehow.


That's how I used to practice my Spanish verbs in college. I learned to do that WAY back in elementary school--writing columns and columns of letters. It's rote, boring, but you can listen to music at the same time, so it's worth it. I find I remember things better when I write them down. Even if I lose the list I can often visualize it and then remember. Pen & paper also helps me organize my thoughts--better than the word processing programs on the computer, though I use those constantly of course.


Exactamente Annette Hanze. Yo soy igual, preso digo.


I think thats a great idea and a key skill that is missing from the Duolingo training methodology. When I'm reading the words in Arabic font and trying to sound them out in my head or voice them aloud , I use my finger to trace the letters - either on the screen or in the air. This is a more old fashioned technique than digital writing, but it still helps embed the learning with kinaesthetic movement.


yes i have the same problem my husband already stopped for the moment until it's better


I have to do the exact same thing when I am learning Arabic. Hope team Duolingo are paying attention to this post and working on fixing this problem.


I use either the Magnifier app on my laptop or CTL+, although the latter might make the bottom of the screen hide (and no up-down cursor on the right). So be careful to restore the size.


I agree. The font of Arabic letters needs to be bigger--specifically in the matching exercises.


I've read similar statements before. I don't have too much of a issue with it. But I'm sure it would very much help if it was bigger. (less errors) I recently bought Merriam-websters arabic-english dictionary in the mass market paperback format. Many said it was too small to read. I took a look and it wasn't horrible. I've needed to get my eyes looked at for many years now.

I was also on youtube and the Arabic was the same size as the English characters. (Was trying to find Arabic media to listen to)


I've been wanting to listen to Radio Fresh FM, founded by Raed Fares. And there is an excellent film (on SBS I think), called Wadjda. I'm not sure if I don't want to, or if you just cannot escape the political side of learning this language, but I found both of these recommendations insightful of the problems people face in the middle east.

Hope this helps :)


Yes it is too small for me as well.


I find it too small as well.


I very much agree; very often I find myself leaning in until my face is in sniffing distance of the screen just so I can read the print.


I agree - please make them larger.


The smallest, hardest to read are the tanween (fatha, dumma, kasra, etc.), the little accents that no one uses in the real world. I've been using the small font to as an opportunity to start remembering how the words are pronounced without actually looking that closely.


I think it is a matter of points (in font). Both English and Arabic are in 12 (about) points. For English that is OK but for Arabic it is very small. The vowel signs and the dots in particular are almost indistinguishable. Is there a solution?


Does ur device have a zoom feature? On my phone I can get it to have a box where it zooms in. You can turn it on in settings then use it by tripple-tapping the home button to access it.


I totally agree with you. Another font will be very appreciated.


I agree. Especially for people with weak eyes. We need a bigger font.


For those who run userscripts (tampermonkey or greasemonkey), this script solves the problem, avoiding the necessity to install the extensions mentioned in thread:

// ==UserScript==

// @name Duolingo Arabic

// @match https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ar/*

// ==/UserScript==

(function(){ 'use strict';var css=document.createElement("style");css.type="text/css";css.innerHTML="[dir='rtl']{font-size:xx-large;line-height:40px}";document.body.appendChild(css);} )();


Uhm, where do you install the userscript??? Thank you, @brunoffsp


Totally agree !


That Would be helpful.


I agree! I was using Duolingo on my mobile phone and found it really difficult to read the Arabic font -especially in the 'tap the pairs' exercises, where I couldn't distinguish at all between the letters carrying the marks for the short vowels which really change the sound. I resorted to clicking on the arabic font words to hear them before tapping the roman fon ones but this really doesn't help with visual recognition which I think is the whole point of this exercise! I tried using the app on my Android tablet and it wasn't any better. Its slightly better when I use Duolingo inside a Chrome browswer, but still not great. So yes, can this please be fixed by Duolingo team?


Totally agree. Besides, not only in this application, in websites such as Wikipedia etc the font is shown so small... I think the best way and the effective way is just to be used to it. Fighting~


I have had the same experience of Arabic on my iPhone and would support the font being made larger.


It is still brutally small on iPhone XS. I’m shocked that this simple issue has been posted on here 6 months ago and not resolved by such a popular app.


yes true, additionally i have vision problems 175% zoom not enough

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