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"اَلْكَلام عَن إيطالْيا مُمْتِع."

Translation:Talking about Italy is fun.

July 27, 2019



And sad at the same time


It's depressing now because of the coronavirus :(


Talking about Italy is interesting was not accepted.


It didn't accept "talking about Italy is fun", which I think is OK. But I suppose we have to accept their rigid word order.


Interesting is more like مثيرٌ للاهتمام 'mutheron lel-2ehtmam'.


I don't mean to be rude, but according to websites such as Google, Reverso Context and Almaany.com, they all agree that interested should be accepted.


Yes, if you are not translating literally you can use interesting. You can use many other words, actually, such as amusing, engaging...etc, but the literal meaning of 'ممتع' is fun and the literal meaning of 'مثير للاهتمام' is interesting.


But why? "Amusing" and "engaging" are just as good translations for ممتع as "fun" is; "fun" is actually kind of an informal word, and ممتع is MSA, which is the formal variety of Arabic, so translating ممتع as "amusing" is more accurate, if anything.

And there is really no catch-all translation for "interesting" in Arabic at all. MBC2 subtitles will immediately show you that trying to always translate "interesting" as "مثير للاهتمام" results in some very awkward pharsing. Depending on context, "interesting" can translate to things as varied as غريب ، شيق ، مثير للتأني ، مثير للتأمل ، منشط ، آسر.

Words don't always occur in one-to-one correspondences between languages.


Yes, I fully agree with you. Context is everything! But if you want to teach someone the direct meaning of 'مثير للاهتمام' which word would you choose?

I also agree that 'fun' is kind of informal but this course is not really focusing on differentiating between the formal and the informal (which is wrong); 'amusing' would be the better choice for 'ممتع'.

Did I get your point?


Someone knows why not 'funny'?


'Funny' and 'fun' mean different things: 'fun' means 'entertaining', while 'funny' means 'comical'.


Translation not suitable


Especially their mayors. We need to import those.


It is fun talking about Italy, was not accepted. SAD


Because that is a totally different sentence construction.


Yes, phuvtuo, but the meaning is the same, and languages often use different sentence constructions to express the same thing. Does Arabic also use this type of anticipatory/dummy subject (ie it)? Some languages do and some don't. If Arabic doesn't, and can't render the difference between 1.) "talking about Italy is fun" and 2.) "it is fun to talk about Italy", then I would have thought that both English versions should be accepted. I'd say that the second one is more natural in English.


It can. من الممتع الكلام عن إيطاليا is how you translate "It's fun to talk about Italy."


Oh, thank you! Could you tell me what the first word is من? I can't see how it could be from or who. What harakat?


It is 'mina' as in 'from' actually. Think of it as literally saying 'Among the things that are fun is talking about Italy.' Saying 'Talking about Italy is fun' in English emphasizes 'talking about Italy,' so you'd use it if you were comparing it to something else: 'Why is it so boring to actually be in Italy? Talking about Italy was fun!' for example. But if you don't want to emphasize it, you put it at the end, and you use the dummy pronoun. That من serves the exact same purpose here.


Damn! I ALWAYS hear مع instead of عن because of the damn last م in البوم


I think the audio is wrong


The word ' عَن' is mainly used as 'about' than 'from' because 'from' have another specific word 'مِن'

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