“Baatein banake koi jaadu sa chalaya tha“

Does this mean - “making words some magic started?”

A few questions -

1) what function is “sa” playing here? Is it just emphasis, like “hi”? 2) I struggle with the “bana ke” construction. I notice a lot of people use the phrase “karke “ as well. Is that a common construct? What does it mean?

July 27, 2019


It means created some magic when talking. Sa is used in a dialect way it doesn't have a grammatical importance here. Sa literally means like. Jaadu sa mean like magic. Karke means after doing. Kar + ke Bana+ ke it means after making. So the literal translation of this sentence is "created magic after making talks" it doesn't sound that good that is why I gave the different translation for English.

July 27, 2019

Karke usually means after doing while Banake means after making, if I'm not wrong. This is what it means literally

July 31, 2019
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