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“Baatein banake koi jaadu sa chalaya tha“

Does this mean - “making words some magic started?”

A few questions -

1) what function is “sa” playing here? Is it just emphasis, like “hi”? 2) I struggle with the “bana ke” construction. I notice a lot of people use the phrase “karke “ as well. Is that a common construct? What does it mean?

July 27, 2019



It means created some magic when talking. Sa is used in a dialect way it doesn't have a grammatical importance here. Sa literally means like. Jaadu sa mean like magic. Karke means after doing. Kar + ke Bana+ ke it means after making. So the literal translation of this sentence is "created magic after making talks" it doesn't sound that good that is why I gave the different translation for English.


Karke usually means after doing while Banake means after making, if I'm not wrong. This is what it means literally

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