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  5. "أُحِبّ اَلْطَّبيعة."

"أُحِبّ اَلْطَّبيعة."

Translation:I like nature.

July 27, 2019


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In Arabic it is defined indeed. However, it is not common in English to say: I love the nature. In English it is mostly dropped in such sentences (unless you want to add something to it, like "the nature of science" for example)


Not common true but i think it should probably still be an accepted answer. "Do you like New Zealand?", "Yes i really liked the nature".


That's because you have an implicit "of New Zealand" there. Mass nouns in English usually don't take the article in general statements (I like water/sand/nature/love).


Since there's no actual context behind the given sentence, it can be thought of as a general statement about "nature" or as a response as Alex789222 said. So both "I like nature" and "I like the nature" should be accepted as answers. Both are valid sentences in English. If you want another example, "how do you like parks here?" "I like the nature."


can this word also be used as in the nature of something like in english?

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Yep. Example: The human nature > الطبيعة البشرية (aT-Tabee3atu-L-bašariyyah). Another example (related): The nature of humans: طبيعة البشر (Tabee3atu-L-bašar).

Notice that in the first example, we have a noun+adjective compound, and in the second example it is noun+noun (genitive) compound.


sometimes the correct answer is "nature" and sometimes the correct answer is "the nature" I think this is not right; although saying "the nature" is not common, it is not a wrong answer.


Why is "i like reading in the nature" OK, but "i like the nature" isn't?


This should also be accepted:

I like the nature.

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