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  5. "0, 1, 2, 3"

"0, 1, 2, 3"

Translation:٠، ١، ٢، ٣

July 27, 2019



I thought I had read somewhere that although Arabic is written right to left, the numbers are still written left to right. Can someone comment on this? This makes sense, I suspect that using the same numerals as English it's left to right, but using the numerals from the Arabic language it's right to left. I know Arabic uses both systems, just not sure about how they are written.

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Yes, numbers are numbers. We read numbers differently (a bit like German) but writing them is the same. Thus 2019 is still written as 2019 in Arabic. Some people use the Arabic numerals and some might use the Hindi numerals but all in all the order of the numbers is the same.
Reading the numbers is, as I said, a bit like German, but also there is a classic way which is more into literature, and this is reading the number from the smallest to the larges: e.g. 2019 would be read as "nine and ten, and two thousand" instead of the regular Arabic way of two thousands and nineteen


Thank you! This is very helpful! I have been learning more as well, I had not thought of starting to count from the ones and therefore Arabic numbers are written from right to left, they just look left to right to me! Learning languages has to be the best thing ever!! I had no idea about use of the Hindi numerals.

Thank you again for your response, I'm learning!

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