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Gembira, bahagia, senang

All of these mean "happy" but from what I can gather they are they used in different contexts? Can someone explain in what context I can use each of them? Thanks.

July 27, 2019



used in different contexts?

Here is a totally different context.... :

Soda gembira

Here is an English article with an explanation :


Enjoy !



...iya, soda gembira itu memang perasaan yang ekstrim tetapi cuman untuk waktu yang pendek - dan bikin ngiler deq karena saya suka juga itu waktu saya masih di indonesia, wkwkwk ...terima kasih banyak mbak, jadi saya sudah bisa inget minuman itu


@Nancy757351 ...gembira - intense feeling of happiness or joy but typically lasts for a short time (several hours); laughter when playing or singing with friends ...senang - less intense than gembira but lasts much longer (weeks or months); smile as in when receiving a high mark at school or present from someone ...bahagia - can be as intense as gembira but lasts much longer (years); feeling within "dalam hati" if able to get an ideal job, a dream house ~from several sites on google search


Terima kasih! So if I wish to say "I am happy because it is sunny today" then which word can I use?


I think you can use all of them, depends on your happiness.....


Sorry for this lame answer.

It reminds me of the following song :
"Alasan untuk bahagia" (Reason to be happy)

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