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  5. "George has a pretty house."

"George has a pretty house."

Translation:عِنْد جورْج بَيْت جَميل.

July 27, 2019



I need a magnifying glass to see the difference of one vowel :/

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In the main forum there were many discussions about the font size. Anyway, there are some tips that might help:
1. If you are on PC or Laptop or anything like that and using a browser with Duolingo, try pressing CTRL and + to enlarge the page and the text. In Firefox, the percentage of the zoom will appear in the address bar and you can go back to normal level by clicking that percentage.
2. Also in the browser, there are usually settings to check the size and other formatting things for the font, for specific language. In my Firefox case, it's in Tools>Language and Appearance>Click Advanced>Pick Arabic from the menu, and the rest is up to you. Just remember that Arial and Times New Roman are two system fonts (for Windows, not sure about Mac) that are designed for many scripts including Arabic. Not sure if there are others but I'm guessing others can be used for Arabic specifically.
3. On Android, there should be somewhere in the "Display" options a way to enlarge the font size, as well as picking the font (for the whole system).

Unfortunately, I don't know much about iOS. Hope these tips help though.


I'm just using the app on my android phone. I know Arabic words are normally small but for learning, I wish they were bigger. The harakat got lost with the alif that I had to guess. I would use a magnifier if I had one.

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Did you try to choose the largest font size from the settings?


Thanks. I played around with the zoom and font size. The symbols are still a little too small but it's better. Making the zoom too big makes the app not function the way it should. In the section where I had to choose letters to create the correct sentence, it would already be sorted. I guess there was no space for sorting. I can work with it now. Thanks.


Joyce, do you have to go into Settings, and affect the font size for everything, or is there a way of changing the font size of the Duolingo app only? Thanks.


Hi, can anyone teach me the word order? Please.

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Maybe literal translation would help?


adjectives come after the noun in Arabic


Could you explain what you have translated as "at" there, please? Is the word that sounds like aa-een-da actually a preposition, so that the verb is implied here? This is one of the thongs that Suolingo is very poor at - making us have to guess at the grammar rules.

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Yes, عِنْدَ (3inda) is a preposition meaning "at", and it can be locative (to explain a location of something) or used in a possessive way (which in Arabic has a sense of locative as well) to describe that X is at Y (meaning Y has X).


Keeps telling me I have a typo even though I'm using the blocks. Are there different ways to say this sentence perhaps?


how can i have a 'typo' when the blocks of text are provided?


they also give you that error when the words are selected 8n the wrong order


Im getting confused at how to write aint ..

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meaning: at


Isn't the عند means next to?

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No. It means "at" and it is used to locate something or for possessive as (have). There is another word for the possessive as well but it's not used by Duolingo here.

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