Lesson notes stop halfway through the tree

I recently took up Hindi, and I've been enjoying it and writing down each lesson's notes (the lightbulb) on a notebook to help myself memorise them.

Halfway through the tree, I noticed that there are no more notes (no more lightbulb icons). After the Numbers skill, no other skill has notes.

Is this intentional? Is there no more need for notes from that lesson onwards? Seems quite unlikely. Are they a work-in-progress?

July 27, 2019


I also hope the notes get completed, as I found the last half very hard without explanation - is it even possible to recognise the rules yourself? For the future/past tenses, it would be convenient to at least have a table with the different possible endings.

I'm using the book "Get Started in Hindi" to fill in explanations, as it seems to cover the language to the same level as this course.

July 28, 2019

I strongly agree, I really liked the notes. Without them and the forums, I would be pretty lost.

July 29, 2019

I am also interested in further improvement in the Hindi course. I expect to have time in Fall 2019 for helping as I can (English writing, proof reading, reformatting or copy writing from your notes, etc.).

In addition to a full set of lesson notes, I would like to see the lesson notes available on Mobile/Android, and any other special platform.

For learning, I found George's "Learning Hindi" page very clear. It has more detail than the Duolingo course notes.

July 30, 2019
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